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How to sing high notes

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singing high notes

sing high note

how to singing high notes

Attention Singers:  John Joon’s "Singing High 2" is finally out!  If you did not sing an easy high note now, here's how to guarantee that you will from now on...


"How Would You Like To Learn How To Sing High Notes...
Use Unique and Previously Unexposed Training Method For
Singing High Notes
... Save on Expensive and Endless Private
Singing Lessions... Rebirth Yourself In 30 Days."

Now YOU Can Learn How To Hit High Notes With INSIDER
SECRETS... The Effective Methods That Gets Any Singer On The
Fast Track To Sing High Notes With Penetrating, Vibrant and
Ringing Quality... 
No One Will Deride You Anymore!




From:  John Joon

Dear Singers,

Would you like to learn how to sing high notes magnificently and easily?
Would you like to learn how to hit high notes magnificently and easily not only once but with infinite times?
Would you like to be able to sing high notes magnificently and easily not only infinite times but without straining yourself and forcing them?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any or all of those questions, you’re going to want some help. Because, in order to master a powerful singing technique that will allow you to hit the high notes effortlessly, you need to…

...learn the CORRECT way to consistently hit them and
...most importantly, yield your ability to guarantee them.


I’m not just talking about lucky instances - where you happen to manage to achieve the odd high notes for short periods. I’m actually referring to methods that allow you to confidently and repeatedly – each and every time, without fail - perform them with perfection.

Using a proven singing method whereby you turn your weak voice into a powerful, metallic-sounding and vibrant head voice. Without damaging your vocal cord, this unique method will allow you to make your high notes so beautiful that everyone who hears them will go WOW, whether they’re your peers or your superiors or your friends.

If you like the sound of this, you'll probably find you’ve started to read one of the most important letters you’ll ever come across.

Here's why:

Singing perfect high notes is not an inborn talent and, furthermore, it is not just a mere handful of singers who can achieve it.  It’s a skill that nearly anyone can obtain but it has to be worked on and you have to know how to do it right. With the possibility there, however, you deserve to achieve it.

This eBook provides the key to mining
the treasure of your higher voice!


Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you four good reasons to go with it, though. Just read on and let me prove how I can back up my claim.


Four Reasons to Believe In the Power of My Singing High eBook

Reason number one:   The methods and techniques explained in "Singing High" have been used by the most outstanding students from top colleges. With these methods, they’ve been able to excel in their fields for several years till now.

Reason number two:  Many of these students have won domestic and international vocal competition awards.  They are not from just one specific vocal group, but from different groups, i.e. higher and lower voice groups:  soprano, alto contralto, tenor, baritone and bass.

Reason number three:   I, the author of "Singing High", am an experienced vocal coach, especially in helping students resolve their high-note problems.  With my assistance and guidance, many, many students have completely overcome their high-note issues, no matter how mild or severe the problems they faced were.  The most wonderful thing, though, is that the students I've coached will not find the problems recurring, thanks to the incredibility of the methods I've taught.

Reason number four:  As I have a thorough understanding and knowledge of the issues faced when attempting to sing high notes, I've figured that it’s much better to teach students the correct way to learn how to sing high notes from the outset.  Rather than waiting for the problems to surface, it is far more effective to avoid them entirely and prevent their ever showing up.  This is, again, how my eBook can help you, even if you haven't begun attempting the high notes.


Here are some of the benefits of my "Singing High" eBook that will
help you bring out the MOST BRILLANT high-note voice there is:

  • All-in-one, state-of-the-art, multimedia eBook

    All learning material, sound clips, diagrams, figures and musical scores are well designed and packed into this advanced electronic media format.  It provides the fastest and most convenient way to help you learn happily and progressively but at your very own pace.

  • Specially designed exercises

    Special sound clip exercises designed not only for high and low voice singers, but also particularly designed for female and male singers.

    You could also download the entire demonstrated exercises and/or piano accompaniment voice removed exercises into your iPod or mp3 player for daily practices.

  • Special sound recordings of world-class high notes

    These highly regarded sound clips will show you what you will soon be on a par with, and may even exceed, as you proceed to reproduce such high notes of your own.

  • Easy to master, step-by-step "4 points golden breathing system"

    The secret behind producing the most steady high notes is exposed here!  You can follow this golden nugget for mastering the most comprehensive breathing techniques required for producing outstanding high notes. As they are so clearly explained, there is no real chance of going wrong. Needless to say, you will also acquire the technique to hold notes, being able to support them for desirable lengths of time.

  • Accelerated learning of the straight forward high voice placement for head resonance

    The secret of most vibrating and penetrating high notes production lies right here!  Avoid the confusing and boring theory of head resonance, the method of positioning the voice placement has been made crystal clear in the simplest and easiest manner, so you can be ensured to acquire the skill of delivering energized metallic high notes with ease and confidence. With this golden nugget and after acquiring the skill, your singing voice - not only the high note voice, but the entire voice band of your vocal range, will excel and never be the same again.

  • A series of scientific, step-by-step training exercises to strengthen your vocal muscles for singing high notes

    The secret of the easiest, un-strained high notes production, extending your high note range is revealed here.  To solely understand how to sing high notes is not enough; you need to have the pharyngal muscle – the singing high muscle, to achieve them. Now, you could follow the basic to advance, step-by-step, high note training exercises to effectively achieve the buildup of your “high note” muscle.

    Rome was not built in a day, but you will discover that your brilliant high notes can be molded within days – not the several months you might have been expecting!

  • Fastest to achieve, down-to-earth method to overcome No. 1 singing high problem

    You will master the best method of stabilizing your larynx to get ready to produce high notes.  With this no. 1 critical element secured, you will manage to sing high notes beautifully and should see how your ability has been greatly improved thanks to this ingenious method.

  • Unique technique to improve quality and volume

    The helpful and easy-to-follow unique exercise enables you to conquer the advanced technique and find yourself producing powerful, enchanting high notes. Your voice quality will instantly excel once you master this skill and all your friends will be amazed by how much you have improved in such a short time. They’ll be certain to admire and look up to you!

  • Now, you're probably wondering how I'm able to do that. Let me explain.

     I can provide everyone with the ability to confidently produce amazingly perfect high notes.  Like I said, achieving high notes is not a naturally inborn talent and it is not only possible for a mere few singers.

    Anyone can achieve it.

     Because I use examples of the best singers and analyze the effective and yet unexposed methods of singing high notes, I’ve worked out a most achievable path to success.  My students have attained it and so CAN you!  You simply follow the steps and enjoy practicing the exercises.  It will lead you to fulfill your dream of delivering perfect high vocals.

     Producing the most brilliant and magnificent high notes requires RIGHT breath control and support. This RIGHT control and support is only possible with knowledge of proper vocal breathing and an efficient breath-training system - This golden nugget, "The 4 points breathing system".  Hence, this eBook is like a…

    …magical key…

    …to open up your internal dynamic power so as to turn your weak voice into the strongest, most amazing medium for high notes possible.

    Your newfound quality high voice will
    transform your singing capabilities!

     You will not merely be adding a few notes or stretching your existing vocal range to fit in just an extra octave. This is not the point. It’s all about achieving excellent quality in high notes; it’s all about improving the sound you produce. An addition to a vocal range can even sound ugly and off-putting to audiences if it is not well performed. Therefore, the key focus is the quality of the note. Wide ranging vocals do not impress if they are not performed well.

    You will learn an unexposed method and technique to not only extend your vocal range but also bring pure beauty to your high notes and you will learn how to sing high notes easily.

     We give you the...

    …ability to consistently and repeatedly produce…

    …your perfect high notes. Many people think this is a natural gift that just a handful of professionals are born with but no – YOU CAN DO IT!

    There is a methodology, a proper vocal methodology that ensures one can consistently produce wonderful and captivating high notes, without causing injury to their vocal cord. You will learn a series of specific exercises for intensive high-note training, together with unique sound clip demonstrations.

    The treasure of your enchanting high notes will soon be mined!


    But don't just take my word for it.
    Listen to what our students say:


    Success Story 1:  Claire Hobson


    "Just about anyone will manage success if they follow this advice..."

    claire hobson Having read Singing High, I was amazed by the power it contained!  It brought home to me exactly where I'd been going wrong all these years and exactly why my voice lacked so much.

    I used to perform in a singing/dancing/acting group with several friends but singing was not my strong point. I was useless at producing high notes or, indeed, any notes that played particularly well to the audiences! There was no power or smoothness to my voice and I know the listeners either struggled to hear me or didn’t like what they did hear! I never considered myself able to achieve the high notes so I gave up trying because it just seemed too much effort.

    However, that was because I just didn’t know HOW to achieve them. This is precisely where Singing High comes in and changes all that.

    The diagrams, musical scores and beautiful, impressive sound clips add wonderful touches to everything John Joon explains and, after reading his ebook, it gave me a real understanding of what my body needs to do to reach those gorgeous notes with majestic grace. Singing High teaches a singer everything they need to know to properly reach and hold the notes at the upper end of the scale.

    For me, the exercises are what really won me over. They’re invaluable to any singer and they’re what get you in touch with your breathing, teaching you what you should be feeling when you’re breathing correctly. The Inhalation Singing part is a crucial, conquering aspect and I think Singing High illustrates it perfectly. Just about anyone will manage success if they follow this advice.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, John Joon.

    -- Claire Hobson (Nottingham, United Kingdom)


    Success Story 2: Lynn Rossi


    "You do not need to be a professional to sing penetrating high notes, anyone can do it!"

    This eBook is a must-have for anyone who desires to sing quality high notes! It answers many questions that I myself have come across when trying to hit certain notes. I have bought many other eBooks before this, but they have not been able to solve my problems thoroughly. The problems mentioned in the book like having headaches when trying to hit high notes, voices cracking when they strain too hard, etc. they are very common doubts that people come across. However, these common problems are often not easily solved. I am very glad to say that all these problems have been cleared for me, as Singing High has helped me find the root causes of these problems. The step-by-step clear instructions and marvelous sound clips helped me to achieve a better voice in a shorter time. I was able to identity what I needed to do, how I should go about doing it, and also what kind of voice it should sound like.

    This was not common in the other eBooks I have bought in the past as I could not understand what the instructions want me to do. I did not know the names of the many organs in the vocal cords, thus it was extremely difficult for me to get what the book means. Singing High with its clear instructions, have helped me a lot to master the skill of singing high notes well. There is a sentence that I like especially that was mentioned in the eBook. It was, “You do not need to be a professional to sing penetrating high notes, anyone can do it!” This is true, because Singing High will teach you how!

    -- Lynn Rossi (Indianapolis, USA)


    Success Story 3: Benrhys


    "It is exactly what I had been looking for..."

    BenrhysHello John, I would very much like to compliment your wonderful product. It is exactly what I had long for …. A comprehensive write-up demonstrating clips and practices to follow, I am able to excel immediately my singing skill the very first day I get it … so encouraging! Thank you very much for such excellent product!

    I am not considered a beginner as I have been through various basic singing courses and build sufficiently good foundation but, in me, I still know my limitation & fear in singing high pitched notes. I found that my high notes lack vibrancy and most of the times the ‘punch’ has not been sufficiently penetrating. I have been scouting around the net for the past few months and hope to acquire a singing program which could help resolve my problems. But I found that they either they do not directly addressing my needs or lack the desired result after practicing. What I actually want is something that could help me develop my high notes with the metal like voice, or so called with ringing quality… how I should put it … the crystal clear surround quality voice that is harmonically tuned with power and expression.

    In my home town, it is so difficult to spot a good vocal teacher, needless to say one with specializing in high-notes. Your program exactly filled in this gap!

    The most crucial achievement of your ebook brought to me is to locate the focus point within my body to generate the successful high notes. The amazing sound clip exercises set the pace and induces my ability to sing high with tremendous progresses just within the first month.

    John, with a fraction of the money needed to engage singing tuition, you have brought to me the real worth and achievement: unbelievable!

    Thanks, my sincere thanks, John!

    -- Benrhys (Cebu city, Philippine)


    Success Story 4: Tracey Yip


    "My voice is un-believably tuned and clear with luster I have never experience before..."

    It is not just another “E-book”! It is a live coach for me! …Thanks for the right mix of illustrations by sight & demo by voice clips. I benefit tremendously the first time I put it into practice as then I started to find my real singing power! Why? – my voice is un-believably tuned and clear with luster I have never experience before. I love this book immediately though I take serious advice from the author not to “overdo” due to excitement which one tends to have when they have such instantaneous progress.

    With controlled practice I surprised everybody when I demonstrated my improvement in singing during the recent concert of my Church Choir Group singing so well my solo part in soprano. I received great applause followed by all my concert mates come rushing to me asking for who the new singing coach that did this great job to polish my voice! I would not hesitate to share this with everyone or anyone as I believed as a choir member that this can bring up desired overall effect when each and everyone are at the same level of perfections! I am writing this to you John because I want my great experience to be shared by all who read this too!

    Also, a little more to add, I am impressed also by your self-introduction how you had learnt the hard way before you find the right coach. For me, with only a year and a half in Choir singing, I am much more fortunate to find the right thing the right time! Thanks again and looking forward other advanced lessons from you.

    -- Tracey Yip (Hong Kong)



     Do NOT buy any “High Notes Singing” advice
    unless it meets the following 5 criteria

    There is a lot of confusion surrounding high-note singing. I want to give you 5 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in order to provide a true solution to the problem:

     Singing high notes is indeed different from singing other notes, as it requires a special breathing technique – a specific way of inhaling and exhaling – to properly produce and maintain them. To acquire this special skill, one needs special training. Singing lessons which do not teach students this specific breathing technique will just lead to students experiencing great difficulty in reaching the high notes.

     Closely linked to the above breathing method, is a specific point in our bodies that is the root point for producing high notes. Once you are familiar with the breathing method, you must make yourself aware of this point, feeling it within you so you are able to apply it from deep inside. Vocal lessons which do not teach the students or help them discover this point makes producing high notes a tough task and could lead them to damage their vocal cord.

     In any physical games, muscle which represents strength is essential for obtaining outstanding results; and singing high note is by no means an exception. Understanding solely how to sing high note is not sufficient, the ability to sing is equally critical. Building up the pharynx muscle is the only way to enhance the singing high ability and hence any singing lesson which does not or is unable to help students build the corresponsive muscle makes producing wonderful high notes an almost impossible task.

     High voice placement is essential for the one and only correct way of singing of high notes. Voice lessons which do not dwell on and emphasize this can only expect its students to produce feeble, dull, and strained notes, a little like the ragged sound of tearing paper.

     Instability of the larynx is usually the biggest problem singers face when trying to produce high notes. If students do not have the issue resolved properly, the high notes they produce will definitely be squeezed and forced with tension. Moreover, the higher the notes, the more tension there will be. Any singing program which does not help the students to resolve this larynx stability problem will only invite unpleasant, almost annoying sounds in place of clear, pure high notes.

    However, with "Singing High" eBook, all this is covered in clear detail. Because you can take it in your own time, you can spend as long as you need on each section and make sure you perfect your skills from every aspect. Nothing will be left unresolved.


    You get at least 10 times your money's worth!

    High notes singing is an advanced stage of vocal training and typical professional private coaches will cost you $75 per hour’s lesson. It takes most students numerous lessons to gradually pick up and master the skills. Of course, the lessons all add up and you tend to be looking at a whopping $3,000 before you’re trained to any significant degree.

    That’s if you go down the usual route.

    However, for a fraction of the price of one average hour’s lesson, "Singing High" will give you ALL the secrets I’ve used to train my personal students how to sing high notes.


    My latest version of Singing High eBook is out!
    Yes, Singing High 2 is out, it is out NOW!


    I am enthusiastically introducing you to this version 2 of my eBook. The entire old version of my previous Singing High eBook had been totally rewritten and replaced with more effective and efficient exercises and methods. All these are to thanks to my continuous effort of perfecting high notes singing techniques and summarizing precious real life teaching and singing experiences.

    It’s all you need in one simple eBook and it’ll always be right at your fingertips. Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ve opened yourself up to a whole new world of vocal possibilities.


    singing high notes ecover


    In summary, here's what you get:

    The complete, all-in-one multimedia eBook of "Singing High 2" packed with solid sound clips of detailed vocal demonstrations, downloadable vocal exercises (for male and female, high and low voice singers), downloadable piano accompaniment exercises, musical scores, diagram illustrations and comprehensive, step-by-step vocal instructions.

    "I’ve heard enough John. What’s Singing High 2 going to cost me?"

    OK!  I heard it. I am not even going to charge you $199, or $99!

    Because everything in the Singing High 2 is delivered in purely digital format, if you respond right away, you just pay only $79 $39.

    By the way, this is a limited time offer only!


    Act immediately and receive the following bonuses

    Free bonus 1 (a $67 value):

    The Head Voice and Other Problems – A very useful book which significantly addresses one of the principal problems that continues to plague singers – comfortably accessing and integrating the “head” voice.

    Free bonus 2 (a $47 value):

    How to Make a Living as a Musician – Get an insight into how YOU can fulfill your dreams of earning a comfortable living as a professional musician!

    Free bonus 3 (a $37 value):

    How to Read Music – Learning how to read music is a significant step towards eventually being able to sing, play, or even write any song you want! This eBook teaches the basic skills needed to understand how to read music!

    I am offering these added bonus incentives for a limited time only so:


    Act now!

    singing high v2 guarantee


    Hence, by the way, these bonuses are yours to keep, even in the unlikely event that you decide to take advantage of our no questions asked, ironclad, money-back guarantee. So your satisfaction is certain to be fulfilled, whatever the case may be! I want you to be absolutely 100% protected so you can test drive "Singing High 2" and see how easy it actually can be for you to sing amazing high notes.

    You will not find any of this information from your local bookstores or even Amazon.  The only way you can purchase this eBook is right here on this website!

    And in just less than 2 minutes, you can download it to your computer right now.

    So, as soon as you have placed your order, you will have instant access to it. No waiting in the mail for the eBook to show up!

    Order "Singing High 2" now!

    Go through the steps and exercises and if you’re not absolutely thrilled with it, I insist you contact me within 60 days and I'll refund the full purchase price.

    No quibbling and no questions asked!

    Remember you'll get to keep the THREE Super Bonuses as my way of saying "Thanks". So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


    Here's how to order right now!

    To order "Singing High 2 " just click the button below




    Secure payments through Paypal.
    Instant Access.


    You can get INSTANT ACCESS to "Singing High 2" Right Now – even if it’s 2.30 a.m.!  What are you waiting for click the button above.


    To your singing high success,




    John Joon signature

    John Joon - Vocal Coach


    P.S.  In my continuous effort of improving vocal technique for singing high notes, I have finally come out with the latest version of my Singing High 2 eBook. This evolutional eBook includes many of my unique and scientifically proven singing techniques on teaching students how to sing high notes effectively.

    P.P.S.  I really do want you to learn how to sing high notes successfully so I've given you all my secrets - I haven't left anything out. In fact, I believe I've over delivered on this one. "Singing High 2" takes the shortest possible time to show you exactly how to unleash your hidden potential for singing high notes amazingly, with methods and secrets even top vocalists still want to know!

    P.P.P.S.  Remember you'll learn everything you need. Everything is presented in an easy to use multimedia format to provide everyone with the capability to learn how to hit high notes magnificently. So you can disprove the theory that achieving them is an inborn talent for a few lucky singers. Don't hesitate in taking your first steps towards the exhilarating experience of producing majestic high note sounds! No one will ridicule you anymore!!

    P.P.P.P.S.  You must act now in order to get the three super bonuses because I am only offering them for a limited time.

    P.P.P.P.P.S.  Remember you have nothing to lose with my 60-day money-back guarantee. Try my "Singing High 2" eBook to learn and test the skills and techniques for 60 days. Then, if you aren’t totally satisfied, I’ll give you every cent of your money back.


    System requirement:

    You need to have latest Adobe Reader to be installed into your computer in order to successfully access "Singing High 2".  We will show you how to have the free download of this software.


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